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Twilight Bella Contacts

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Twilight Bella Contacts
$ 24.99 New
Product details
Unit: 2 Soft Colored Contact Lenses
Life Span: Last for 3 months once opened
Size: Lens Size: 14.2 Base Curve 8.6
Water Content: 38% water content
Power: Non-Prescription

Twilight..a movie that has caught attention worldwide and ever since then people have been trying to copy the image of their favorite characters.

Be it Jacob the sexy werewolf or Edward the handsome gentleman..or is it the highly adored Bella who caught the most attention..who will forget the long haired brunette, the innocent eyes or just simply her girl next for look..everybody just wants to be her.

Well it is not entirely impossible,with the right accessories at hand you can pull off the look.

The bella look has become a popular trend since it isn't that hard to pull off off and you don't need tons of make up to achieve the do, its innocent but sexy.

The Bella Contact Lenses, is what adds the final touches to your look.not only will you have soft sweet eyes.but if you want want to enhance your look,applying a gold-balck smokey will definitely make your eyes stand out in sexyness.

Gold is known to be a warm romantic colour so get gorgeous eyes that will definitely turn heads.

All of our high quality contact lenses are manufactured in Europe! 

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